September 11, 2018


Hurricane Florence Update





MBG&YC Office will be closed at noon today 9/11/18.

All activities are cancelled until Monday 9/17/18.

Hoping all of you are safe and good luck during the storm.

MBG&YC Manager Ron Girton


The Sun News will be providing full, UNLIMITED access to our website, mobile apps, newsletters, and the daily eEdition. Be sure to check the ExtraExtra section of our eEdition, which will include the latest news and special hurricane coverage. 

Our priority is to keep you informed with the latest watches, warnings, and information. Our team will be here around-the-clock, providing the latest coverage, photos, videos, road closures, school closures and the stories behind the weather event.  

Stay connected with the Sun News to help you and your family stay safe during the storm. 


American Red Cross shelters

To support the evacuation, American Red Cross shelters will open at 12 p.m. today for individuals who must evacuate. Please see the shelter list and evacuation route list below. Individuals are reminded to secure their property BEFORE they evacuate. Shelters should be considered as a place of last resort to ride out the storm, shelters may be crowded, do not accept pets and are not designed for comfort. When going to a shelter, citizens will need to take their own supplies such as batteries, bedding, identification, toiletries, clothing, etc…Shelters do not accept guns, alcohol or animals.


Once the Governor rescinds the evacuation order, Horry County Emergency Management will activate the Re-Entry Plan. Re-entry will occur in phases beginning with Level 1 access into the impacted areas. Municipalities may enforce their own identification procedures at checkpoints if deemed necessary.

Level 1

All public officials and personnel having key roles in life safety and the restoration of critical services after a disaster will be permitted to access the impacted area. All Level 1 personnel will be required to present and wear in full view an authorized employee identification badge. No personal vehicles will be permitted to enter impacted areas during Level 1 access, except governmental personal reporting for official business.

Level 2

This allows for reentry of critical support groups, relief workers, South Carolina Law Enforcement certified security officers, healthcare personnel, business owners/essential staff, insurance adjusters and any other person(s) authorized by the jurisdiction to provide services or reduce economic loss. All Level 2 personnel will be required to present and wear an authorized employee identification badge at checkpoints.

Level 3

Residents and business operators will have access to areas that have been deemed safe by the authority having jurisdiction. When possible, every effort should be made to safely assist these persons to their property if access is limited. All residents and business operations must show proper identification to enter an impacted area. Residents with special needs will be assisted back into their dwellings once sufficient support services are available to assist.

Re-Entry for Residents & Property Owners

Residents should have proper identification to gain admittance. Identification may include a valid government- issued photo ID card showing the location of the property. Out of state property owners with residential or commercial properties within the affected area(s) must show a valid government-issued photo identification and current documentation to verify the need for re-entry such as a utility bill, deed, property tax notice, etc…

Re-Entry for Business Owners & Essential Employees

Business owners/operators will need proper identification to gain admittance to impacted areas such as a current business license, company photo ID card, lease documents or other official documents showing the location of the property and a valid government issued ID card.
Essential staff/employees will also need proper identification such as a valid business or government issued ID card and an essential employee authorization letter on official company letterhead provided by the business. This letter should include a request for admittance, the employees’ name and be signed by the business owner/operator.

The forecast for Hurricane Florence may change as the storm gets closer to the coast, residents are strongly urged to monitor local news for the most up-to-date information. In addition, citizens should survey their property to make sure outside objects are secured. It is also recommended that you review your hurricane plans now.

For more information, call Horry County Emergency Management at 843-915-5150 or visit Horry County’s website at

Horry County Emergency Management can also be followed on Facebook at and Twitter at




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