January 15, 2018


Bahamas Cruise




Hi All,


Only 2 weeks left before departure. I thought I would throw out a couple of suggestions and reminders. Those taking the bus to Charleston remember to please be at the pick up point 15 minutes prior to departure. Please be on time, it could be cold and we want to get everybody loaded as quickly as we can. If you plan on leaving a vehicle at the pool park by the tennis courts in the overflow area. Please remember to stop in the office on or before Thursday January 11th and let them know your vehicle will be left there. Bus departs pool at 9:15 am, Wisteria and Sweetbriar 9:30 am, and Royal Pine 9:40 am.


I suggest that you call your bank of issuance of your credit card and let them know you will be using your card in Nassau and on the cruise ship. Make copies of your credit card, medical card, and passport. Put these copies in your carry on bag along with your medications. If you lose any of your documents it will be easier to notify your bank or get medical help if needed. When you get on board the ship I suggest that you put your passport in the room safe. Bring your drivers license for id to get on and off the ship once we depart. Much easier to replace your drivers license if lost than your passport. You will not need your passport after check in till we get back to Charleston and go through customs. Make sure you have printed your boarding pass, medical waiver, and luggage tags. Fill out the medical waiver and have it ready to turn in at check in. Attach your luggage tags to your bag handle. You will drop your bags at the terminal and they will be delivered to your room. 


There is one "formal" night on this cruise. It is suggested that men wear a sport jacket and tie. Ladies a dress or pants suit. Feel free to dress to the nines if you like. It is a great night to have a formal picture made on board. You will see everything from evening gowns and tuxes to sports jackets and pants suits. Remember that shorts, tank tops, and tee shirts are not allowed in the dining room for dinner. Slacks and collared shirt for me at dinner. Shirts can be worn in the dining room at lunch and breakfast. Shorts are ok in the buffet anytime. Everyone is confirmed for 6:00 pm dining. Any questions feel free to contact me. Any other tips or suggestions feel free to hit "respond to all" on the email I sent you and send to all of us. We welcome any input. Happy New Year to all and see you in 2 weeks.


 Charlie Johnson




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