March 07, 2018


Golf Course Purchase Survey




The results of the golf course survey have been tallied.
The results
favor the investigation of the possibility of purchasing the
Heron Point Golf Course Property

or a portion thereof as deemed appropriate.
We are only authorized to investigate our options at this time.
There are a number of steps that need to be undertaken to fully evaluate and analyze our direction.
First, we need to determine the true value of the property especially in light of the sale of
27 hole Brunswick Golf Course and Resort for $2.8 million.
Link To See Article
Then we would need to determine the usage of the Heron Point Golf Course Property:
open recreational space
nature trails
golf course
bicycle/hiking trails
Again, we are only investigating the at this time. 
If we could agree on a more reasonable price and it were decided to pursue a purchase
the Board would send a ballot to all homeowners
to approve or reject the purchase and take action based on that vote.




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